We create ecosystems that increase health and happiness in urban areas.

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Intentional design

Our parklets are designed to be natural, robust, and scalable. From a single sidewalk planter, or a parking-space-sized parklet to an entire city block. We work with BIDS, business owners, and community groups in order to customize our modular design in order to meet budgetary and community needs. 

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A platform for change

We organize local communities with programming including hands-on educational planting opportunities.  Our parklets are platforms for community building through education, art making, organizing and getting our hands back in the earth to calm the mind. 

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Programs for people

We host workshops in our parklets ranging from making medicinal seed balls to plant-based fabric dyeing. We partner with local organizations to bring the best programming.



“Their charm is that they are not a lot of work, and not particularly big, but they really enhance the street. It's a relatively nimble way to reclaim public space."

– Polly Trotenberg, NYC Transportation Commissioner

NYT Article: "Prime Parking Spaces for People, Not Cars" by Winnie Hu

"Parklet installation coincided with a substantial (an average of 20%) boost in sales for nearby businesses"

– "The Case for Parklets"

University City District Report

"We think of the parklets as a respite from the hardness of our city streets. Pedestrians and tenants love happening upon them. They are like little secret gardens."

– Barbara A. Blair, President, Garment District Alliance