Parkways parklets are flexible interventions that reclaim and beautify underutilized vehicular hardscapes for plants and people.

Using permaculture as a model, we integrate holistic approaches to create ecosystems that increase health and happiness in urban areas. Each park is a simple, robust and scalable system that can be deployed incrementally as a single parklet, to an entire city block. Parkways units can be customized for urban agriculture, a public sidewalk extension, bicycle parking and other community necessities and each of our parklets are up to all city codes.

Modular, Easy to Install and Customizable

Modular, Easy to Install and Customizable

We have completed all the work up front to create a modular unit that meets city guidelines and is ADA compliant yet can be customized for individual needs.

Sustainably Sourced and Fair Wages

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Each unit is built in the USA using the finest, sustainably sourced and natural materials whenever possible.

Holistic Design

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We use permaculture as a holistic design system in our parklets to mimic ecology and meet human needs while increasing health.

Equal Access to Public Space

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We believe that everyone deserves equal access to public greenspace. We want a green public space within a 10 block radius of where people live or work.

Multiple Functions - Platform

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Our parklets offer more than just green space. Parkways is a platform for community members, urban growers, educators and city government to recognize common goals and use placemaking as a launchpad for problem solving and community building.


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