Our team operates in conjunction with municipalities to enact a coherent vision for sustainable long-term planning.

We integrate high impact, temporary and low-cost Parkway units and technology into existing streetscapes. We engage both bottom-up and top-down methods to enable local citizens and businesses, as well as municipal departments, to dream, execute and sustain real change in their local communities.

1- Project Initiated by an Individual, Business District, or City

Evaluate feasibility, establish funding/apply for funding.

2 - Design Meeting, Site Location

Meeting and site visit, establishing design and placemaking solutions.

3 - Community Support

Organizing a community meeting, identifying backers and contributors.

4 - Site-Visit Finalizations and City Approval

Working with the city for location approvals, scheduling deployment, and securing site

5 - Deployment and Planting

Installation and permablitz planting with the community.

6 - Maintenance and Evaluation

Twice-weekly watering, weeding and cleaning.

7 - Storage and Plant Adaptations

Moving parklet and plants to storage for cities with seasonal street restrictions.

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